Hello World in C

Hello World

This post is aimed to present this personal web site and their main goals. First of all, let me introduce myself, I am a PhD student which has a some experience on Android development and is interested in Machine Learning, IoT, WSN and any hackeable thing.

I have create this web with the following objectives:

  • Improving my writing and use of English: yes, if you read my post probably you will found english mistakes so don’t be afraid to tell me something in the disqus part of this web at the bottom ;). I hope that this writings force me to improve my English.
  • Share the progress of my PhD and insights related with it: I will share problems which I am facing during my work.
  • Explain some personal and group projects: a lot of them done with my workmates in the Research Group BISITE (if they let me publish something about that). I hope you found them interesting.
  • Posts related with Machine Learning and how to learn it. In this case probably all will be advices or links to other good quality content that I have discovered.
  • Quality over quantity: if I start a post I will try to write a useful and complete post not just a post with a little bit of information.

And many many more!

See you soon fideos.

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